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Email can be a real pain. If it's not spam, it's viruses. If your company has deep pockets you can opt to route your mail through a 3rd party solutions provider like Message Labs. However there is an option that is gaining momentum for companies of all sizes; Google Apps. Google Apps is a collection of browser-based applications for email, documents, team coordination, chatting, and more. The core part of the offering is email via a G-Mail like interface but using your own domain name. You also have the option of retrieving your mail via Outlook, mobile device or any other POP/IMAP application/device. With email via Google Aps you not only gain access to great spam prevention systems, but anti-virus scanning as well.  

Silver Star has helped integrate many companies with Google Apps and would be happy to help your company use this cost-effective solution to your IT needs. For a more complete description of Google Apps we invite you to visit their Web site and explore the many features it has to offer. For more information about how we can help setup and train you to use this service, please call or write us today.