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Paying too much for Web Hosting?

Many companies that have been paying the same amount for Web hosting over the past 10 years are paying too much for hosting. Hosting prices have been coming down for years. If you are a small business and paying more than $20 a month for hosting, you are probably paying too much. Unless your site gets a high amount of traffic (thousands of visitors per day) it's unlikely that you would need more than a shared hosting setup which generally now runs between $5 to $10 per month. If your site is a high traffic site, you can now lease a powerful dedicated server for as little as $150 per month. This would have been double that amount just 3 years ago.

 Silver Star has been managing servers for our own sites in addition to client sites for over 7 years. Whether your business needs shared hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, or dedicated hosting, we can provide the options and upgrades you need to create a customized plan right for your business or organization.

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